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1:100,000 topographic maps of Volhynia

Ukraine has a comprehensive modern mapping program, making it possible to find most of the cities, towns and villages that you are looking for. The 1:100,000 scale maps are on the Internet -- and you can get to them quickly by using the grid maps below.

There are two grid maps. The dividing line between them falls between Rowno and Kostopol (both on the western map) and Korets and Rokitno (on the eastern one).

Western Volhynia 1:100,000 topographic maps
(Most of the old Polish Volhynia)

Eastern Volhynia 1:100,000 topographic maps
(All of the old Russian Volhynia and some of Polish Volhynia)


The images of these maps are on websites in Russia (Vlasenko) and the Czech Republic (Mapy). Unfortunately, both sites are difficult to use, and it takes a lot of guesswork to find the map that you need.

Until 2006 they were on the website of the University of California Berkeley's Earth Sciences and Map Library. They are no longer available on that site. The links on this page take you to grid maps based on the old ones on the Berkeley site, but modified to show only Volhynia and adjacent regions, and linked to the sites in Europe.

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